Providing the highest standard of care

Quality Family Dentist based in East Setauket

Dr Hugh M. Musof’s Family Dental Practice provides personalized, quality care to adults and children. Understanding that each patient has unique dental needs, Dr Musof and his staff provide the highest individual, gentle dental care without time restraint in a peaceful office environment and in a punctual manner. (Dr. Musof values his patient’s time and makes punctuality a priority!)

“Dr Musof is a wonderful dentist - caring, pain free!, up-to-date always, available in case of an emergency, and very, very professional.”

Nancy Cole, Stony Brook, NY

With a large focus on prevention, Dr Musof and his staff seek to help each patient attain a naturally attractive smile and a lifetime of dental health. Dr Musof also wants his patients to understand the importance of oral health as an intricate part of one’s general health.

Highest Individual care without time restraint

Technologically advanced treatment

Ideally located in East Setauket

Prompt and punctual care

Peaceful atmosphere